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Ukraine, 2023

By  Karen Kwiatkowski

January 6, 2023

Eleven months after the Russians acted to provide a military protection force for Russians living in western Ukraine, or alternatively, 11 and a half months after Kiev and Zelensky stepped up attacks on their "own people" in the Donbass, presumably for their own good, what have we learned?

People of the world have gained new perspectives on things like gross US and NATO hypocrisy, the ability of politicians and diplomats to lie to your face, and in writing, and the ability of any number of countries exist and persist despite their ostensibly and possibly corruptly elected leadership being infirm, decrepit, insane, criminal and/or widely known for playing pianos with their dicks .

Life goes on - money gets made - people vote with their feet - and politicians hold their index fingers in the air to determine what next.

The WEF elite meets in Davos this month. Many of the topics revolve around  how to rebuild Ukraine, and all the "right" investors will reserve their tickets on that 2023 gravy train. If 2022 was a profitable US/NATO/EU/UK military and logistics laundry and boondoggle in Ukraine, 2023 is looking to be an even bigger operation. Quadrillions will be spent - as time runs out on the dollar and dollar-pegged currencies.

After destruction of the electrical and industrial infrastructure, the collapse of the military capability and the departure of nearly a third of the population- 8 million to Europe, 3 million choosing Russian-protected independence in the Donbass - Ukraine is both a carcass for European and American vultures, as well as a nearly clean slate for a delightful WEF experiment.

Economic collapse in a small country with natural resource and agricultural wealth, accompanied by a domestic political-cultural crisis, and a weakened national military makes for good times, if you are a Davos believer, a US foreign policy designer, or just a good old-fashioned Rodney Dangerfield of a neighbor who has done so much for Ukraine already, and still can't get any respect.

 Medvedev's predictions are entertaining, but he is not lying about Poland and western Ukraine. Just last week, Germany rudely denied Poland's demand for $1.3 trillion in WWII reparations. Poland may be forced to take their reparations directly out of Germany's current bestie. It would actually be a good deal for a Germany impoverished by green socialism and bloodied by self-flagellation. Trade western Ukraine for the past "debt" and Poland's trouble, and now we have the makings of an excellent resolution of the small European war of 2022.

Poland is NATO - so the wheezing hawks get a little bit of NATO-ized "Ukraine." The Donbass and Crimea are Russian, associating with the Russian Federation as they see fit. But how can we ensure the graft, the grift, the laundering and the wet dreams of the WEF? Perhaps a small enclave in the middle of Ukraine can be set aside as that  "big Israel" of Europe that Zelensky has offered - a place for global thievery and intrigue, a playground for all types. Perhaps this New Ukraine could exist on transfer taxes on oil and gas, become a convenient capitol laundry for dying Western currencies, a host for US and EU government cryptocurrency? A green casino, or a  Maz Kanata's Castle? Towards this end, Zelensky has already thoughtfully destroyed the press, the police and the church. What a happy accident!

Zelensky, and his western enablers and sponsors, have done all they can to pave the way for a larger Poland and a New Ukraine - all for the price of 3 or 4 million Russians who, in flying new flags, will only slightly enhance Russia's geography and economy.

We are seeing a new shift in the elite conversation. Two months ago it was punishing and wearing down Russia to defend precious Ukrainian democracy; today, is it "rebuilding" and refunding a post-war Ukraine, with a sudden need to pay back Poland for seven decades of bad faith. Yet, the western media is still reporting that Ukraine is winning. Maybe that's part of the plan.

The wind over Ukraine stinks of dead animals and smoke, and the organized rape is just beginning. On the bright side, global war may be postponed. That the West's latest victim is of the Christian European northern hemisphere - and not part of a Crusade narrative against an alien and godless "other" - should set off alarm bells everywhere.

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